Top 50+ Websites to Watch Cartoons Online Free 2020

Top 50+ Websites to Watch Cartoons Online Free 2020

We all like to spend time watching cartoons online for free. However, do you know which sites are best to view? If you want to know which sites are best, then you are in the right place. We try various websites to find the best ones.

The Internet is full of highly recommended sites; However, some of these free sites are not 100% free. Some of them require a registration that involves some form of payment; others are not very easy to use. This is why finding the right place can take a long time. Fortunately, I made a list and sorted it according to the quality of the site.

Here is a list of places you can visit to find the latest cartoons and manga episodes without downloading them. And the best thing about them is that it offers numerous series to choose from: SpongeBob, Bob Burgers, Adventure Time, Naruto, Gravity Falls, Tom and Jerry, among many other options.

So choose a site from the list and enjoy watching your favourite show for free.



You probably already know that YouTube appears as the king of online videos. It is the most popular online video viewing platform. Every day, thousands of people use it. There are thousands of cartoons on the site to meet all your daily needs. You can search for a specific cartoon or a complete series of videos. To do this, you must enter the name in the YouTube search box to see all the cartoons available on the video portal. The search page shows the results using the cartoon series that are most relevant to you.

You can find cartoons or similar cartoons with related names on the right side of the interface. Through YouTube, you can rate, comment and participate in video discussions. For example, on YouTube, you can’t download cartoons directly, but you can get them using AllMyTube. On YouTube, you will find a large number of videos from around the world. So please make the most of it!



ToonJet is another popular site that gives you the opportunity to watch free cartoon videos online. Watch classic cartoon series like Looney Tunes, Betty Boop, Popeye, among many other well-known characters. All cartoon series are free, without the need to register on the site. If you want more options, you need to register. By registering, you will be able to rate the cartoons and leave comments. The website has a user-friendly interface perfect for finding favourite episodes of cartoon characters. You can also add your favourite designs to your profile.

How about registration? Fill in all the fields below: ToonJet registration fields if you want to have more options
ToonJet registration fields The ToonJet site has a unique Android application that you can download from the main page of the site. On the main page of the site, you will also find some classic cartoons available.



Would you like to find the perfect website to help your child spend time while having fun? You can find it by clicking here! Cartoonito is the best website for kids. Offers fun, educational, playful and cheerful content for children, especially in the kindergarten phase. Just click on the website and choose from any Cartoonito educational program.

Watch all the episodes of your favourite series. Enjoy the opportunity to watch any episode you want whenever you want. Cartoonito offers many other types of entertainment: Games, music and activities for your child to enjoy. And remember that your child will love Cartoonito!


Visit Watch Cartoon Online, which has some of the most popular animated series available for free.

  • The site looks great.
  • The site is well structured.
  • The menu is simple to use.
  • There is a fantastic list of cartoon shows available.

These include Shark Tale, Atomic Betty, Super Friends, Superhero Squad Show, as well as other children’s entertainment programs.

Do you feel bored?

Then visit the Cartoon Online website and enjoy your favourite animation in no time! But there is a downside, which is that there are a lot of extremely annoying pop ads when you watch cartoons online!



The cartoon network gives you the best cartoons, including full-length and short episodes.
Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network offers you the most prestigious cartoons, namely complete episodes, short films and much more. Currently, Cartoon Network presents itself as the cartoon channel of choice. It has an online version that makes full episodes of cartoons available on TV.

It also offers fun games with your favourite characters. You can also play with friends and family together and have a lot more fun with your favourite characters. In addition, you can watch live animations on your mobile phone at any time.

Follow the cartoons you like most today!



You can watch cartoons without registering at any time Anime aroma
Fee: free

Here is the perfect site to watch free cartoons online. Note that you need to click on the anime title you want to play on your computer. There is also some information about the anime, as well as a preview of it. At the top of the site, you will find the most wanted episodes. In any of these situations, click on the anime cover to see the video.

You can watch cartoons at any time, even without registering! Users can also search for cartoons of their choice via the search bar next to the navigation bar.On this site, you do not need to create your profile or registration page to watch the cartoons of your choice.


GO GO Anime is the best place to watch anime online for free GO GO Anime
Fee: free

GO GO Anime is another great site to watch anime animations without spending money. It has an impressive design, which makes it easy to use and enjoyable. You can find the recently released anime series with updates of the most popular series. Try them now and enjoy the latest updates! Would you like to see cartoons you like online?

See “Anime List”:

The list contains all the cartoons sorted alphabetically for your convenience. You can also use the search bar on the side. Almost all anime series on this website have English dubbing.

GO GO Anime is the ideal place to watch your favourite series online for free.You will definitely enjoy it here!


Disney Junior See all Disney cartoons online here without paying Disney Junior
Fee: free

Without a doubt, this is one of the best sites to watch cartoons online. The website has a friendly user interface that is easy and fun to use. Thus, here begins the magic, which is the slogan, Disney Junior. For adults, Disney Junior offers fun and a fantastic delight! Discover all the Disney cartoons available for free on the site. You can watch cartoons online like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and many other Disney characters.

Below you can see pictures of your favourite Disney cartoons on the homepage. All you have to do is tap the image of your favourite character to see the cartoon related to the character. As you can see, it’s easy to find the cartoons you like the most! You can easily find a movie, especially the new Star Wars movies! There are also a few other services, including games, music, multimedia applications, and more. Although the official Disney site is currently blocked in places like India, you can track it by using a VPN.



Nickelodeon Cartoons is the favourite site of thousands of cartoon fans. Nickelodeon cartoons
Fee: free

At Nickelodeon, there are thousands of cartoon fans online. The interface of their website is fun, attractive and easy to use. You need to visit the site and try it yourself. You will have a lot of fun! You will also find a friendly and fun portal, where you can watch your favourite series. Check out the interesting and fun cartoons that are available below.


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